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Bikinis Are Perfect For Fishing – Rain or Shine


Not all women tag along on fishing trips simply to keep a close eye on the male in their life, many of the female persuasion actually enjoy the sport of “angling.” The very first book about “catching fish with an angle” was written by a woman. They have curves now, so we call them hooks. Women anglers had their curves all along.

Fishing with the right bait

Women are naturals at fishing. They’ve been dangling the bait they were born with all their lives, in hopes of reeling in the big catch of a perfect mate.

Most of the time, they’re back at the office telling their girlfriends about the one that got away. That bikini they’re wearing on the boat trip is every bit as much a “lure” as anything else they might have in their tackle box.

Experts agree that there are certain things to bring on any fishing trip. Snacks, drinks, and sunscreen are a must. Especially if you’re on a watercraft. They tell you about polarized sunglasses to eliminate the glare but don’t mention liquor and lots of top-shelf cannabis. Those are essential, too. As long as you aren’t the one driving the boat.


Clothes, they say are the most crucial thing. You want to dress for the action location but a rule of thumb is always prepare for a sudden change in the weather.

The perfect solution for women on a fishing trip is layered clothing over top of a basic bikini. The more sun that’s out, the more clothes which can be shed until you’re down to that bikini. If someone packed along the sunscreen, then it’s down to the bottoms.

A few more hits of the ganja and the bottoms come off too. That has the same effect on catching male attention as dragging a spoon past a bass. That’s why women’s earrings often look like they would make a great lure with the right hooks attached.

Feeling bad for the fish

Women who have been fishing since dad and grandpa took them as toddlers have acquired immunity to the “ick” factor of things like threading a wriggling live night-crawler along a sharp hook. Thanks to modern technology, rubber worms, artificial lures, and flies give women “ick” free choices which actually catch monster fish at the same time.

Women no longer get stuck cleaning and cooking the fish caught by the men and brought home. If nobody wants to do the dirty work, the modern humanitarian solution is catch and release.

Some women still feel intimidated by the whole idea but more females are out at the lakes and rivers every year. Manufacturers noticed that and started making rods with smaller grips, lighter tackle and specialty clothing.


The kind of angling you do depends on where you’re located to start with. It’s hard to go saltwater fishing if you live in Idaho. There are numerous options for guided and chartered expeditions that will give anyone an unforgettable adventure.

One guide tells how she “took a mother of four boys fishing for her first yellowfin tuna.” After being terrified initially, “now, she’s up [at the gunwale] to fight her first tuna on stand-up gear.

Women often quit “when we feel pain or the slightest discomfort. But when you have someone next to you reassuring you that you’ll be OK and that you’re stronger than you think, amazing things happen.” Things like pulling in a fish almost the size you are. Or bigger.

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Written by Mark Megahan

Mark Megahan is a resident of Morristown, Arizona and aficionado of the finer things in life.

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