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Celebrating These Gorgeous Pinup Gals of The Present

Here at Whiskey & Babes, we’ve featured a hand-full of beautiful pinup babes that really give off a vintage and classy appeal and take us on a quick trip to the past.

And lucky for us, we’ve stumbled upon a magazine that focuses entirely on this style of photography and modeling.

On the Pinup Life Magazine website, they state that their publication “is for the doll that does it all”, “celebrating and exploring the style and joy of an era gone by”.

Publishing their first issue back in November 2016, this magazine allows anyone to turn in a photo submission for a chance to be featured in their next issue.

But that’s not all, these girls also can share their stories, hair styles, sewing tips, event recommendations, and more to readers.

Within each issue, the magazine offers their viewpoint on what they believe it means to be a pinup and why it’s an important part of America’s history.

This inspiring and gorgeous work is available for purchase online, where a physical hard-copy magazine is shipped to buyers…really giving off that authentic feel.

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