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Climate Proof Troglodyte Paradise For Those Who Dig Underground Living


The appeal of this underground home isn’t luxury, it’s comfort. Especially the comfort of knowing there won’t be any huge cooling or heating bills in your future. Nestled snugly underneath the Mule Mountains near Bisbee, Arizona, a “one-of-a-kind cave house is on the market for $998,500.

Modern underground home

This modern underground home was built in the mid-1980’s by a couple who owned 37 acres of wild and scenic southern Arizona desert. Like most of the current inhabitants of nearby Bisbee, this couple wanted to build “something a little different” for their homestead.

After the mines shut down, the artists moved in. There are more grey ponytails per square mile there than anywhere. It’s not real far from Tombstone but closer to the Mexican border.

This underground home didn’t make use of a natural cave, though there are some in the area. Specifically Colossal Cave and Kartchner Caverns, both an enjoyable tour.

Instead, the couple used “a Swedish mining technique” to carve out the space. “Their ingenious idea created a weatherproof home unlike any other in the world.” That’s a really good thing in the heat of the Arizona desert.


The one of a kind experience “awaits new owners who totally dig adventurous, beautiful, underground living.” The sprawling property has buildings above ground as well.

The main house includes a jaw-dropping tropical bathroom, a kitchen, dining area, spiral staircase, and loft bedroom.

Natural hot springs

Another prime feature of the property are pools “fed by natural hot springs.” Both a swimming pool and hot tub take advantage of the thermal bounty. Underground, the temperature stays comfortable all year round.

Above ground, “boulders surrounding the home keep temperatures constant throughout long, hot desert summers and chilly winters.” They’re meant to shelter and protect the above-ground “detached two-story guesthouse with an office, library, workshop, and carport.


The locale is one of the few parts of Arizona inhabited for several hundred years. Once part of Mexico, America’s neighbor to the south continues to have a major influence, both culturally and economically.

Having a home underground is definitely a plus. The mule mountains and the towns nearby are scenic enough to attract millions of tourists every year so that means law enforcement makes it’s presence well known.

The current owner reportedly has an itch to travel the world so has listed the property at quite a discount. The last time it went on the market it was listed a lot higher.

This underground cave home, the Realtor notes, “is an ideal representation of the area—rugged and fiercely individual. And considering the home was listed for $1.5 million in 2013, the current list price makes this quirky abode a bargain to boot.


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Written by Mark Megahan

Mark Megahan is a resident of Morristown, Arizona and aficionado of the finer things in life.

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