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Cowboys Cheerleaders Bikini Photo Shoot- “Behind The Scenes!”

Cowboys Cheerleaders Bikini Photo Shoot- “Behind The Scenes!”

If there is one group that comes to mind when you think “gorgeous women,” it’s definitely the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. These lovely ladies constantly outdo themselves, nearly every time you see them, they seem to get hotter.

Arguably the most beautiful cheerleaders in the league, the Cowboys Cheerleaders are an institution in the NFL.

These elite cheerleaders put out a calendar every year for their fans, and this year’s swimsuit edition apparently had some extra cameras. Some behind the scenes footage of the bikini photo shoot was shared to YouTube, and it is unbelievably hot.

The video surfaced a few months ago, purporting to show the “behind the scenes” of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders bikini photo shoot. The video is mostly just a compilation of clips of the women, wearing only bikinis, posing in and around a pool. It is definitely worth checking out, and is a great preview if you want to buy the full calendar.


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