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Fine Wine of Women Over 40

Cindy Crawford is about to catch that book on fire she is so hot at age 55.

Every guy loves himself a fresh young spring chicken of a woman.  You know, 19 – 21 year old hard bodies, usually devoid of maturity in many ways.  However, women are like wine, they get better with age.  And some say that the prime of a woman’s life is when she is over the age of 40.  Now this may not be true of all women, but it is true for these women over 40.

Heidi Klum, still stunning at 48.

Money to Maintain

Kate Beckinsale, 48 and elegant as ever.

I will admit, all of these ladies are well known and very wealthy celebrities.  There aren’t any common women over 40 here.  It was much easier to find pics of celebrities for this piece.  It is a part of their jobs after all.  That, and their financial ability to afford to eat right and have personal trainers and such.  When you are in the spotlight and constantly viewed, images of you will be everywhere, especially when you are stunning after 4, or 5, decades of life.  

Shakira, 44 and still looks in her 20s.

Character Wealth

Amanda Holden, strutting her stuff at 51.

But honestly, having a wealth of personal responsibility and discipline is more valuable than wealth.  Financial wealth can buy you someone to yell at you like a drill instructor, the personal trainers, but personal wealth of drive and sheer will is limitless.  That resource only runs out when you decide it does.  And I’m sure a good portion of these ladies have both.  The financial and personal means and drive to accomplish the beauty they have achieved over 40.  

51 year old Jennifer Aniston. The hottest Rachel ever.

Confidence, The Key To Beauty

Salma Hayek, the smoke show of all smoke shows, at 55 years old.

To me, the beauty of these women all has one thing in common, confidence.  An older woman has more confidence in herself than one half her age.  This is true of men too.  Age breeds experience.  Experience breeds confidence.  And confident people are always more attractive than shy and timid individuals.  Give me a confident woman with great posture over a hunched over timid aging lady, any day.  

51 year old goddess, Gabriela Sabatini

The Pinnacle of Elegance

Elizabeth Hurley is the pinnacle of elegance, at 56 years old.

And another quality that is generally lost on younger woman is elegance.  It takes decades worth of experience to develop it.  Only through confidence in herself after many years of life, can a woman exude true elegance.  And don’t let a woman’s title distract you from a truly elegant woman.  Just because someone is a Princess, Queen, Duchess, or other political figure does not an elegant woman make.  Some of the most elegant women I know, are not celebrities, monarchs, or government officials at all.

52 year old Jennifer Lopez, showing how to do a photo shoot.

2021 pic of 45 year old Reese Witherspoon.


48 year old beauty Melissa Stark


Cate Blanchett, 52 and elegant as ever.


56 year old Diane Lane

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