Ginger Bikini Model Cannot Keep The Twins Holstered

Bikini Cover
All Photos via Johana Opalka Instagram Screenshots

Have you ever noticed that when a ginger is hot, she is usually breathtakingly hot?

That is the case with today’s featured girl.

Gentlemen, I give you Instagram bikini model Johana Opalka.

Hot Ginger

What got my attention was the fact that the buttons on her shirt are struggling to stay in place, IF they can even be buttoned…

And she does not need color to turn up the fire.

As you can see in this photo, black and white is just as hot…

It is that hair and that smile for me.

She definitely had me at hello…

Sadly, I could not find much information about her and the links on her account set off just about every hack alarm I have on my machine.

I don’t know if she is a honey trap or not, but the IG shots are good enough for me…

She does post regularly, and you will usually find that she is struggling to keep the twins holstered…

She is not shy, either, which makes it amazing that she only has 25.5k fans.

With these looks, I thought for sure her count would be higher…

I guess that makes her one of the best-kept secrets on IG!

All Photos via Johana Opalka Instagram Screenshots

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Written by J Conway

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  1. I love that there are NO TATS. I hate tats and find them totally discussing. it remove who the TRUE LADY IS UHDERNEITGH ALL THAT INK. UGGGGG ?

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