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Graphic: Body Paint Girls Who Go Bare With Flair

Body Paint

These models take the expression “sprayed on clothes” to whole new extremes. People are naturally fascinated by the art form where the human body is used as the blank canvas. While certainly eye catching, the trend is generally growing. Body paint takes cosmetics to freakish new heights but finding an artist to apply it can be quite a challenge.

Body paint basics

One body paint blogger observes that you “can’t study body painting in a university or college.” There’s no official school of the genre “though it is surely the oldest art form in the world.

The good news is that “private make-up schools organize body painting courses, international body painting festivals often organize workshops, and many artists give individual workshops.

Starting with various applicators including brushes, sponges, and airbrush equipment, various types of paints are available to apply in different ways. These include grease paints, alcohol colors, and hybrid paints, though most body paint artists “use water-activated paints that are intended for face and body painting.

Technically, these are considered “make-up and cosmetics, so they are safe to use on skin.” Even better, “many of these paints are fragrance-free and also vegan.” They’re “suitable for sensitive skin and easy to wash away.” Adults can have all sorts of fun with the same paints “used for children’s face painting.

Body Paint

Adding things like props, glitter, and special effects makeup gets “cosplay” aficionados all worked up. You may want to think twice about hot-glue and never use house paint. Another thing about body paint is that any body can be painted.

The painting is created to fit your shape, no matter how old you are, what size you are or what you look like. So anyone’s body with all it’s curves is a perfect canvas for this art!

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