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Lizzie Loveless Puts on Her Sheer Nighty

Lizzie Loveless
All photos via Lizzie’s Instagram screenshot.

Lizzie here is a pretty interesting character.

She does not have a lot of posts of her full body on Instagram, which is baffling.

But we found a few shots, so enjoy!

Why So Shy?

Lizzie is clearly not bashful about showing off that top half…

But the pics of her like this are very limited…

And I have to admit, I kind of like the look without any makeup at all compared to some of those other pics…

This one is just a classic look…

And here is one of those rare body shots, which I happen to think is sexy as hell…

And yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but three girls in Santa bikinis…

I mean, how do you resist that, right?

All photos via Lizzie’s Instagram screenshot.

What do you think?

Written by J Conway

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