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Meet The Mercedes-AMG’s 734 HP GT Track Series- The Most Powerful Sports Car Yet


Referred to as the GT Track Series, whether you’re hitting the track at circuits close to home or far afield, Mercedes-AMG‘s next limited-edition might help you score a couple of trophies of your very own. The new supercar is the marque’s most effective sports car ever produced for clients. And also, coming in at only 55 units produced, it’s made to bring just a handful of lucky drivers a speed machine that will certainly turn heads at the track.

True to that objective, the brand-new GT’s wind-resistant exterior is made with auto racing in mind. The auto’s hood, wings, sills, back door as well as back apron are all made from carbon fiber, directly contributing to its light 1,400 kg curb weight. It also includes a sporty radiator grille for maximum air flow, typical 18-inch wheels, and a specifically made front splitter that improves the downforce on the rear axle. And it all comes wrapped up in a two-tone anthracite and black exterior that pops with striking red accents.


A rear-view shot of the GT Track Series racer.  Mercedes-Benz

For maximum track safety and security, the design’s bodywork is mostly composed on high-tensile steel that’s bolted to an aluminum area structure, and also there’s an extraction hatch located on the roof covering. Inside, though, the lucky owner will find a five-point safety harness, customizable ergonomic foam seating, and adjustable pedals in its interior. The racer even features an exclusive steering wheel made in an exciting collaboration with simulation racing experts at Cube Controls,  the well-trained eye will find that alongside is a Hewland HLS 6-speed racing gearbox that transfer power to the rear axle. Like much of the body, the control panel is made of carbon fiber as well as includes a Bosch DDU 11 Motorist Display Device, a device that keeps track of racing data, such as lap times.


Take a look at the model’s exclusively-made wheel. Mercedes-Benz

It is not street legal but, the two-door sports car will certainly be delivered in the 2nd quarter of 2022, as part of AMG’s GT heritage. The brand’s GT Black Series design, which was presented in 2020, is amongst the company’s most preferred designs and served as the basis for the GT Track Series. The racer offers the same 4.0-liter V-8 Biturbo engine as its sibling yet with brand-new enhancements. Custom-made motorsport injectors and a level crankshaft aid the vehicle’s mill provide 734 hp and 626 feet lbs of torque. The Track Series’ full-throttle speed is unknown at the time of writing, but we would certainly be expected to exceed the Black Series’ blistering 202-mph mark.

The speed machine is anticipated to be similarly adept at deceleration when needed, thanks to its steel brakes. The setup consists of a brake beam for changing the balance, in addition to carbon brake air ducting and also steady brake air lines for optimum cooling.

A close-up on the two-door sports car’s grill and red-lined chassis. Mercedes-Benz

As you would certainly expect from a Mercedes-AMG, each GT Track Series will be hand-built in Germany. And also lest you neglect its exclusivity, an embossed plaque inside each instance will check out “1 of 55.” (The example limitation is meant to honor the marque’s 55 years.) The words “Track Collection” are also embroidered on the driver’s seat and also the limited-edition car cover.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Collection designs will certainly cost $405,000 each. Check out their website for more information and check out more images below.




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