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Mila Kunis Look-a-Like Takes a Bath

All photos via Irene Caselegno Instagram screenshot.

Irene Casalegno’s page says she is from Italy.

I had her pegged as being Russian or Ukrainian, however, based on that look.

Maybe I am crazy, but she definitely has that Mila Kunis vibe going to me.

That Look…

She was a little late getting her Christmas photos up, but I think we can forgive her…

Not my favorite picture of her, but she still has it going on…

That over-the-shoulder glance just lets you know you are in trouble with this one…

This is just sexy as hell…

You know what they say, always obey what her panties tell you to do…

And this is the one that drove me nuts… how do I get into that tub?!

Iren is also an OnlyFans model, with links on her Instagram page.

All photos via Irene Caselegno Instagram screenshot.

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