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Model Pairs All Her Sexy Photoshoots With a Nice Cigar

Nothing beats enjoying a wonderful cigar, am I right?

Whether it’s paired with a smooth whiskey or just enjoyed on its own, it certainly takes the edge off.

Well, I’d say that model ‘Smokin’ Susan’ otherwise known as ‘Kandi’ would completely agree with us, as this gorgeous babe is notorious for pairing her sexy photoshoots with a good cigar.

Kandi and her husband, Chris, are the creators of ‘Not Gentlemanly Cigar Smokers’, an online cigar and lifestyle magazine, catered towards the “every day working man and woman.”

And while Chris focuses on cigar reviews for the page, Kandi puts all of her attention to modeling products…and looking damn fine while doing it.

Outside of her work for the magazine Kandi also does modeling work for boudoir photoshoots and has her own OnlyFans page for those hoping for a more intimate experience.

Congrats to Kandi and her husband for making a badass magazine where the two can combine their talents.

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