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Naked and Trained, With Firearms

Paulina Porizkova, 56, wearing boots and a smile.

Paulina Porizkova is a self proclaimed “accidental supermodel,” and all around beauty who is not afraid to show some skin.  And when I say some, I mean all of it.  Like birthday suit status y’all.  Butt Naked.  Just look at the photos of this 56 year old blonde bombshell.  That’s right, I said 56.  Most 20 year olds don’t have her physique and sex appeal.  

But the Guns section?

So you may asking yourself, why is this chick in the Guns section?  Well that’s because this hot to trot momma was trained by the FBI to use firearms.  FBI?  Yeah, FBI.  No, she wasn’t a “special agent” or anything like that, she’s an actress.  She learned from an agent who was hired to train her for the role of an FBI special agent in the movie Partners in Crime.  Add to that, she mentions receiving the training in the great state of Texas, where I reside.  Guns and Texas, a match made in heaven y’all.

Check out Paulina, clothed, while at the range:


And here’s her Instagram post associated with it:


“When in Texas … I love shooting firearms. I love target shooting and clay pidgeons and shooting ranges. But I do not love guns. I have a very healthy respect for tools that are used for destruction only. I would never keep a weapon in my house-because I’ve always been aware that far more often then preventing a crime- it offers someone a way out of what could be just a momentarily overwhelming situation. 

As my brother taught me to clean the weapons after we were done shooting, my thoughts kept returning to how glad I was I have no guns anywhere near me when I was in my darkest moments.  My brother is a very responsible gun owner, making sure no one can get to the weapons but himself and his wife. And I still don’t like gun ownership it or agree with it. But I l still love my brother. #kymporizka @sporizkova The FBI lesson was before I played an FBI agent in the movie Partners in Crime. The only times I’ve used guns was on movie sets.”

One of her 10 covers of Vogue magazine over her illustrious career.

Love Hate relationship

So she seems to have a diametrically opposed view on firearms.  She clearly states “I love shooting firearms,” but then 2 sentences later she says “But I do not love guns.”  Interesting.  How can you love the operation of a firearm, but not the firearm.  It’s like saying you love driving cars, but you do not like cars.  This Texan don’t quite get it y’all.  

But if you keep reading, she accurately states, “…I’ve always been aware that far more often then preventing a crime- it offers someone a way out of what could be just a momentarily overwhelming situation.”  And this is true.  In America, two thirds of all gun deaths in America are suicide.  Only one third are someone shooting someone else, albeit accident or homicide.  You cant’t argue against accurate statistics. But in this case, I think Ms. Porizkov is allowing statistically truths to validate her fears.  This can be a good thing or bad, situation and person depending.

Fear of Firearms?

And on her fear of firearms she continues here  “my thoughts kept returning to how glad I was I have no guns anywhere near me when I was in my darkest moments.”  And there is the answer to our beauties diametrical opposed view on firearms.  She clearly is not secure in the strength of her mindset to be responsible and effective in high stress situations.  And this is because she hasn’t had lessons on the proper mindset required to use firearms effectively in a self defense situation.  

Here Paulina wears nothing but a few rings on her fingers.

FBI Instruction

Paulina was taught by the FBI agent to train her on how the FBI uses, carries, and operates their firearms as it relates to a mechanical reproduction of action.  She didn’t need to have mindset training, she just needed to look and act like she did, for the movie.  Therefore she still has her original views on weapons, even though she enjoys shooting.  So in our earlier analogy of loving to drive a car and not loving cars, that would apply to an actor learning to drive for a movie and enjoying said experience.  

The Next Step

And this is where firearms instructors can capitalize on the joy of shooting, even with someone who doesn’t love firearms.  Each student is different, but the origins of their fears or dislike for firearms can be quelled.  In this instance, as in most, proper mindset training personalized for each student can turn that joy of shooting into a healthy respect and reverence for firearms.  

Eventually with continued training and diligence on behalf of the instructor and student, anyone can be trained to defend themselves with firearms.  Some may find a new found love for firearms, as I did when I began receiving professional training.  Others may find a way to fill an essential self defense role, and only acquire the tools needed for this task.  And then others will get a second and or third mortgage on the house to feed the expensive addiction of repeated guns and ammo purchases.  

The Choice is Hers

Half naked at the house, like you do.

In the end, Paulina Porizkova is a prime candidate for formal self defense training, if she is willing.  I would be more than happy to offer her training with my firearms training and self defense company Defensive Bravo the next time she is in Texas.  With the mindset training we offer, and some work on her part, I am confident we can successfully move past this dislike of weapons and into a realm of healthy respect, to start.  

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