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Oak & Eden Taps In


Oak & Eden has carved out a new path in the complex and very muddle whiskey industry through an innovative, proprietary method for finishing their whiskey and an equally innovative hand at marketing. The Oak & Eden finishing technique uses a spire of barrel wood to infuse different flavors into their finished whiskeys.

They describe the process on their website and it’s probably exactly what you think. “Oak & Eden In-Bottle Finished Whiskey is a first of its kind, pioneering a patented technique called in-bottle finishing™, where we place a 5” long spiral cut piece of wood into every bottle of our fully aged whiskey. This technique “inspires” our whiskey, breathing new life, flavors, and aromas that couldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone.”

On the marketing side of the fence, Oak & Eden has decided to start leveraging the creativity of some of their musical inspirations all across the board to inspire their new Antro Series.

Gear Patrol wrote,

“The end result is a suite of whiskeys that are as interesting and one-of-a-kind as the collaborators themselves. Oak & Eden’s latest chapter in the Anthro Series introduces The Troubadours, a collection of five artists that worked directly with Oak & Eden to add their own flavor (figuratively and literally) to each bottle. These creatives include the likes of John Paul White, Jamestown Revival, Abraham Alexander, Penny & Sparrow and Filmore.”

Let’s Explore The Oak & Eden Anthro Series.

Each bottle is unique and the collaboration with each musician produces its own inimitable spin or spire.

Kina Pickett

John Paul White half of the Americana duo, The Civil Wars lent his expertise to the craft of a barrel strength 4 Grain Bourbon, finished with a charred American Oak spire. It is a bold, smooth, and legendary bourbon, just like the legend himself. The $74, 116 proof bottle, is pure charr with no infusion.


The Texan boys, known as  Jamestown Revival, Jonathan Clay, and Zach Chance, “released ‘Round Prairie Rye’, a signature exclusive collaboration with Jamestown Revival. The level of demand of Round Prairie Rye led us to develop a reprise with Jamestown Revival under Oak & Eden’s Anthro Series.” The song is an old country banger about raw loss, pain, exploitation, and a yearning for the untamed beauty of America, and the whiskey to accompany it has a similar classic flavor. It’s a $74 barrel-strength rye whiskey finished with a bold & spicy French Oak spire, making for a robust, yet surprisingly smooth finish.

Kina Pickett

Tyler Filmore, a rising star in the Nashville scene born of Wildwood, Missouri has been developing a strong grassroots following and has a unique image, sound, and story. According to Oak & Eden, “Growing up in Wildwood forced him into a life full of diverse activities, from building forts in the woods to performing in musicals, which influenced his decision to pursue music as his final passion. At the helm of that decision, he made the move to Nashville, where he would find his true, distinctive sound.” His whiskey is as diverse as his background with some seemingly contradictory flavors melding in the bottle. A $64 four grain bourbon, and finished with a cold brew coffee and honey-infused American Oak spire. It sounds AMAZING.

The Antho series is rapidly expanding, these were just this writer’s three favorites, but check out the whole series, for $64-$74 a bottle you can’t really go wrong here.

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