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Russian Blonde Could Stop the Cold War

Juli Sergeeva
All Photos via Juli's Instagram Screenshots

There is only one thing we like about Russia… the women.

Some of the hottest women I have ever seen at strip clubs have been Russian women.

I think Juli would be a good addition to any roster.

Peace Time

With an ass like that, she could stop any war…

Taking in some rays at the pool…

Just a nature girl, and we are thankful for it…

I don’t know what the hell she is leaning on here, but this shot is about as sexy as it gets…

So, who is rooting for the towel to fall off?

I am guessing that restaurant is just a little cold…

And yes, she is on Only Fans, and you can get her links via her Instagram page.

All photos via Juli’s Instagram screenshot.

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Written by J Conway

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