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Scarlett Johansson… Just a Perfect Natural Beauty

All photos via Scarlett Johansson Instagram Fan Page 

Scarlett may be my ultimate celebrity crush.  

There is just something about that smile and that natural Danish beauty that does it for me.  

With all the plastic women we see these days, she is a refreshing change.  

Three Decades… Really? 

If you can believe it, Scarlett has been in the game for almost three decades… 

Her first credited role was in 1994… 

She has always had my attention, but it was seeing her as Natashia Romanoff in “Iron Man 2” that did it for me… 

A little-known movie where she gets a little down and dirty was “Don Jon” in 2013.  


She has some pretty epic scenes in that flick… 

Right now, she is about as hot as it gets in the industry, with three movies currently in post-production… 

All photos via Scarlett Johansson Instagram Fan Page 

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Written by Jerry McConway

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