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Sexy Bikini Clad Hotties With American Firepower

Hey there sweet thing, nice FN 57s

Smoke show status chicks in sexy as hell bikinis live firing some high tech American guns.  You know you love it.  And so do I.  Admittedly, this video is from a few years back, 2016, back when FN Herstal was making a big push to sell their new FN 5.7mm handguns and other firearms.  This video has 2 such examples of 5.7mm guns and one bad ass heavy battle rifle as well.  However the skills of the ladies wielding said firearms definitely leaves much to be desired.

FN 57, Sexy and Powerful

Nice RDS on this FN 57.

The pistols you see the sexy babes wielding are various colors and models of the venerable FN 57. This pistol is a huge advancement in pistol round technology.  Even though the caliber is a little less than half the size of a 9mm, it travels at twice the speed.  This allows for great penetration with the appropriate ammunition.  Or great stopping power, again with the appropriate ammunition.  And it is said to have very little recoil as well.

The 5.7mm Cartridge

Baby, you cute, but open those eyes when you shoot!

This firearm uses a unique caliber similar in size to a 5.56mm rifle cartridge.  However the difference with this round is that it is a tad bit larger of a bullet yet in a shorter pistol casing.  With the advancements in gun powder technology, FN Herstal decided to create a high velocity SMG round that can penetrate standard soft armor.  The fruit of their labors is the 5.7mm cartridge.

The FN P90 SMG

The FN P90. Notice the ergonomic 50 round mag on top of the weapon. This one is fitted with a suppressor.

Originally it was designed for the P90 SMG, which is also pictured here.  This weapon was a giant leap in dvancements for firearms when it was first released.  It was made famous to the general public for being in the James Bond movie and video game GoldenEye back in the 1990’s.  But for the military and law enforcement this weapon was a huge game changer.  Now they had an SMG with an extremely high fire rate, a 50 round standard ammo capacity, and a high velocity round that could penetrate almost any man portable armor system of the day.  

Titties and Firearms, these are a few of my favorite things.

As you can see the P90 is a fully ambidextrous weapon with uniquely designed ergonomics for ease of firing for any shooter.  It comes in multiple barrel lengths for any situation and is commonly fitted with a suppressor, for more clandestine special operations uses.  You will also see high end Executive Protection Teams concealing these weapons under their over coats or jackets for when SHTF.  This is usually in a short barreled snub nose version, taking full advantage of the bull pup configuration. It’s a massive amount of firepower for one man to have, especially in a CQB environment.  Currently military and police from 40 countries around the world utilize this weapon.

My Favorite, the SCAR

The FN SCAR. Don’t hold the magazine!

The other weapon shown is the creme de la creme of heavy assault rifles, the SCAR-S, Heavy Battle Rifle.  The weapon originally was only available in a 7.62 NATO chambering, but FN has since also offered a 5.56 model.  The one featured here is the 5.56 model.  No matter the caliber of the SCAR you are using, this Battle Rifle will give you the best performance and accuracy of your rounds.  If you are looking for a higher caliber, more reliable and accurate weapon than an M16, the SCAR is your answer. However, this one clocks in at a in at a cool $4000 brand new.  Performance comes at a premium.  

Sexy looking, not Sexy Shooting

Wanna buy a gun?

But enough about the guns, what about them sexy bikini clad dime pieces?  Well they are hot as a firecracker in Texas in August for sure.  But the way these chicks are shooting, I don’t expect them to hit the broad side of a barn.  No one took the time to show these girls how to properly hold the guns when firing.  The mistakes and errors are loud as a siren to a firearms instructor such as myself.  I’ll bet most didn’t notice them.  Kind of hard to when distracted by tits, ass, barely covered by those bikinis, and guns a blazing.  I understand.  

A Couple of Critiques

What do you think this is, a Tarantino flick?

But just to throw some general errors out there, never attempt to fire 2 pistols at the same time.    This is purely a Hollywood thing and not representative of a proven skill or trusted marksmanship.  Sure it looks cool as hell, but all you are doing is wasting ammo and revealing your position.  Also, never hold the magazine of a rifle when firing.  This action could cause you to unseat the magazine and cause a jam and or misfire.  This could get you killed in a life or death situation.  

NSFW Video Link Here

Aim Down The Sights!

Good morning Beautiful.

And the last glaring mistake I’ll touch on is always aim down the sights of your weapon when firing.  Even if you are trained in instinctive shooting, which these girls are not, you still want to perform this fundamental technique.  Especially in a firing range situation.  Hip firing and or not aiming down the sights just makes you look like an untrained ass, personally.  And when you don’t have the sexy ass these chicks do, it’s not permissible.  But if you are dime in a bikini, have at it honey.  Just point the guns at the targets please.   




This bitch is all kinds of dangerous.












See you later boys…

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