She Forgot to Put a Bra On…

Asti Cover
Photo via Instagram Screenshot

There are plenty of hot women on Instagram to drool over, but every now and again you come across one that just oozes sex appeal.

That would be our new friend Katrina.

Tough to imagine who the man is that can tame this wildcat.

You Forgot Something

See what I mean about oozing sex appeal…

How would you like to share the morning bathroom with this beauty?

I am just imagining my face when I show up to take her out to dinner and this is how she answers the door… better bring backup!

Who needs a sports bra when the twins hold up like this…

How can you have an innocent and sexy look all at the same time?

I don’t care where she is leading me, if she looks like this, I am following her anywhere…

You can check out more of Katrina on her Instagram page.

All photos via Katrina’s Instagram screenshot.

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Written by J Conway


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