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SIZZLING HOT Babes with Firepower

Hey there big boy...

Today we have a kryptonite collection of pictures in a fast paced montage that will leave you on the edge of your seat and needing relief, for those blue balls.  I can’t put my finger on why, but when you give a hot chick a gun she elevates to brutally high levels of hotness.  Off the scale shit for sure.  And this video is packed full of one after another after another of jaw dropping babes with firearms.  

Not Grandma’s Slideshow

Howdy ma’am. Nice Vector .45 ACP.

Unlike other videos I’ve reviewed, this piece is more of a slide show.  But not the type that made you pass out after thanksgiving dinner back in the 20th century.  No sir or ma’am.  This one is the type where you need some alone time and an extra sock or 2 for cleanup.  From the first shot of the blonde in high heels holding the pistol and taking off her vinyl string lingerie, I put my finger on the pause bar.  Need more time with these hot babes than the video gives for sure.  


My First Fave

This video comes out swinging with this first pic!

So I’m going to post up a few favorites of mine here and break down some of the firepower they are holding.  Or just talk about their fat asses, you know whatevs.  Going back to the pistol packing vinyl string lingerie blonde, this chick is amazing.  She doesn’t seem to be trained in firearms, as she is incorrectly holding the gun, but who cares.  She is such a smoke show, I had to see this picture twice before I realized she was holding the gun.

Double Take

Killer in the field but a freak in the bed!

Next up for me is the side by side shot of the blonde at 13 seconds in.  The tits on her are heavenly.  I just wanna rest my head on her chest and take a nap.  And talk about a tease with her bottoms, damn.  And then the shot of her with the M4 rigged with a Trijicon ACOG is almost as hot.  Those boobs are still perky as ever, even with some gear on.  And that look.  Yeah, that did it.  Nice to see the freak version and the fighter version of this angelic babe at the same time.  


Tightest ass this side of the range y’all!

After that I have to comment on that fat ass at 18 seconds in.  This is the only shot that is at a gun range, so props to this chick for training.  She is utilizing a red dot equipped full sized pistol here for some steel target plinking.  Nice way to train with a nice weapon.  But the cameraman is having all the fun here.  Just look at her thick and tight legs and ass.  If you bounced a quarter of that ass, you’d get back 2 dimes and a nickel. Even from this angle alone, she qualifies for the hot babes category.      

God Bless Those Tits!

Stand and salute you unpatriotic bastards!

The next one is at 1 minute and 16 seconds in.  This chick is stunning.  That American Flag bikini she is wearing is barely staying in place.  Her handgun is nice as well with that custom teal handle.  But that gun don’t hold a candle to the hotness of this firecracker.  This blonde is definitely one you don’t want to mess with.  Even though, hard to not want to say hi when she’s wearing that.  Even with the gun in her hand, I’d step up.  Ask her about the gun.  Make conversation, you know.  





NSFW Hot Babes Video Link:

RunGunHeather. This babe is highly trained. Be careful.

This video is riddled with dime after dime holding pistols, rifles, shotguns, AR-15’s, and even a .50 cal or 2 in here.  These chicks don’t even need the guns to be hot, but it’s like I said before.  Put a gun in a dime piece’s hand, and she quickly starts the new scale at 11.  

A Few More Hot Babes:

The first chick, from the back.


Nice SCAR. That’s the gun y’all.


I don’t think she needs the gun. This bitch is shredded!


One hell of an AR-10, and one hell of an ass too!

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