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Smoking Hot Comedian (Former UFC Octagon Girl) Lauren Compton

Lauren Compton
All photos via Lauren’s Instagram screenshot.

Lauren Compton in one hot and complex little chickie.

She did a brief stint at a UFC octagon girl, but her fame comes from a completely different area.

And we are going to take a quick look at them all…

Hands in Pots

So, this is how it all got started…

Lauren also did a guest appearance on “Entourage.”

Her social media fame picked up because of shots like this…

A native of Texas, she has now branched out into her own podcast…

But she has also been doing comedy, both at local nightclubs as well as posting skits on her social media…

If you want to follow someone who will give you something to look at and laugh at, Lauren is your girl…

Give her a follow on Instagram.

All photos via Lauren’s Instagram screenshot.

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Written by J Conway

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