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Tanya Denise In The Smallest Of Bikinis

Women’s swimwear has evolved quite a lot in the past century, transitioning from a modest one-piece to present day, where two-piece bikinis can be very minimal to say the least.

And I think we can all say we’re a bit more thankful for the newer additions…as bikinis are showing off more and more of the feminine physique.

In fact, there are some that just barely cover a woman’s modesty…talk about some great tan lines, right?

Well lingerie and swimsuit model Tanya Denise has mastered the art of wearing the smallest swimwear humanly possible…as you’ll see she’s an expert.

And while there’s a part of me that wonders where she finds such small bikinis, the other part of me is grateful for their existence.

Of course, Tanya’s fanbase would say the same…some fans even question if she can find swimwear that’s even smaller, really pushing the limits.

And Tanya is more than happy to deliver.

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