Taylor Likes to Bring Her Friends Along

Taylor Daniels-Cover
Photo via Instagram Screenshot

You just have to love a hot chick who is not afraid to show her feminine side… to other women.

That would be Taylor Daniels, who has a dude who looks like a thug for a boyfriend, but that does not stop her from getting down with her besties.

Settle in, boys, because this one is pretty wild.

Call a Friend

There must have been a special on cowboy hats because all the girls on Instagram are suddenly cowgirls…

Not that I am complaining, especially when they look like this…

But Taylor here is all about helping out a friend in need, and she has some pretty hot friends…

This just has trouble written all over it…

This one reminds me of the girls of Twin Peaks…

I am not sure how much unwrapping Taylor plans on doing here, but I think I will pull up a chair and wait this one out…

You can see more of Taylor and her friends on her Instagram page.

All photos via Taylor’s Instagram screenshots.

What do you think?

Written by J Conway


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