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Tour the World’s Most Advanced Caravan


We’ve brought you EV cars, now take a look at this brand new EV caravan…perfect for those that enjoy the outdoors and traveling in style. But is this camper right for you? Read on to find out more…

This month, a California-based startup unveiled the world’s most advanced caravan – and it’s sure to turn some heads. The Pebble Flow is a 25 ft self-moving motor that can fit up to four passengers and comes with plenty of luxurious features.

From its 270-degree panoramic view to its full-size shower and iPhone controlled features, this tiny home on wheels has it all – and you won’t believe how much it costs.

The Pebble Flow isn’t just any ordinary camper van; it’s a fully functioning tiny home complete with all the amenities of your own living space. There’s a Queen-size Murphy bed, flip down desk for working comfortably, AC system, charging entries, kitchen appliances such as a fridge, cooktop and microwave – even an outdoor Magic Hitch feature that automatically attaches the truck to the ground.

And if that wasn’t enough, everything you need is already in your pocket thanks to the Pebble Flow app which lets you remotely control cabin temperatures, interior lights and more.

It comes with quite a hefty price tag at around £90,000 or over £100K if you opt for the ‘Magic Pack’ which includes all its smart features such as auto-levelling stabilisers and remote parking capabilities – perfect for those tight spots where getting out might be tough.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you then maybe Jenson Button’s former motorhome will – “The Icon” was originally owned by Formula 1 legend Jacques Villeneuve in 1998 after he won his championship title – it recently went on sale at an amazing bargain price of just £85000.

If you are looking for something luxurious yet practical then look no further than The Pebble Flow.

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