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“Whiskey Drinkers & Hell Raisers:” ZZ Top Whiskey

ZZ Top

The trio of Houston heroes calling themselves ZZ Top added their hell raising signature flair to the whiskey world, just in time for the holidays. The band spent years working closely with the head distiller of Waco based Balcones Distilling to “taste through the blending process” until the Tres Hombres all gave it their final seal of approval.

ZZ Top Tres Hombres

The rock and roll history books sadly closed out another chapter, with the passing of legendary Bluesman Dusty Hill in July. Not only does the bass player and his iconic beard jam on in Rock & Roll heaven, his legacy lives on in their music.

ZZ Top fans can also have a part of the beer drinker and hell raiser in their liquor cabinet. Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard will have it by the caseload for guests.

Ever since 1969, when the three men gathered in Houston and discovered their unique sound, fans have been blasted away by their signature style of hard driving blues and relentless back-beats.

They are anything but ordinary and everyone knows they’re proud of their Texas heritage. That’s why ZZ Top tamed up with Balcones, who’s roots in the state are just as deep.

The album Tres Hombres came out in 1973 and was the first of their disks to reach the top 10. ZZ Top soon was acclaimed as the gold standard for a whole genre of southern fried blues rock. Balcones wanted to come up with a “one-of-a-kind whiskey” to honor them properly.

They knew, before they started the project, they were looking for a blend that would represent “a shared and prized Texas heritage and, of course, a fondness for the fiery spirit.”

A close collaboration

They decided to take a “grain-to-glass” approach with a trio of unusual basics. Starting with roasted blue corn, barley, and rye. They carefully engineered the blend to produce “aromas of Honeycrisp apple and buttered pastry” with “hints of brown sugar and red grapes.”

The taste “offers an effervescent finish with notes of fresh ginger and sage.” As powerful as a ZZ Top performance, it will kick yer ass too. “The bottle will have a 50% ABV, more than that of brands like Jameson (40% ABV), or Maker’s Mark (45% ABV).” Sort of like mom’s apple pie in a bar brawl.

The label proudly displays the sharp-dressed men and not only is it bad, it’s nationwide. You can go ahead and pre-order some now at

ZZ Top

It will soon be available through then at liquor stores in Texas. From there it will be available “in select other states starting in mid-November.” They couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate “ZZ Top’s love of Texas.”

Band manager, Carl Stubner confirms that “Tres Hombres exemplifies what can be achieved when brands care deeply about their respective products and legacy.”

Head distiller Jared Himstedt was thrilled to be part of it all, even coordinating virtual tasting and blending chats over Zoom. He relates that it “was incredible to collaborate with the ZZ Top team.” They managed to develop an exclusive whiskey that celebrates the “shared Texas roots.” The whole experience “was an honor.”

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