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Zip Across Arizona if Going Superman Over Costa Rica Too Extreme


You can zip along like superman, high above a jungle canopy or over arid desert. Costa Rica has become a hotspot for American tourists and several of the adventure packages offered by tour groups involve stunningly spectacular ziplines. If you want to stay closer to home, similar experiences are available in equally picturesque Arizona. This extreme sport is so popular that there’s probably someone providing a similar experience near you, no matter where you live in America.

Costa Rica zip tours

The travel oriented web sites are all hyped up about the “Canopy Zip Line” experience. That particular adventure “involves gliding across cables between platforms built around trees, taking in unique views of the jungle, sea, countryside, or cloud forest.

The thing which sets this experience apart from similar ones is the way the adventurer is suspended “prone.” Lying face down in a sort of hammock to “fly like Superman.


You get over the fear seconds after hurtling into the air and guides assure they “teach you to make yourself go faster or slower to choose your speed.” Right now, it’s “one of the most sought-after experiences in Costa Rica.

These aren’t set up permanently so can be customized for your particular group. “Zip lines can be as short as 100 feet or nearly a mile long.

Many combination tours, the tourist bureau notes, include the canopy zip adventure, which you can combine with “ATV, horseback riding, hiking, nature watching, a tram ride, a stop at a lake or volcano.” Even a nice meal.

Extreme adventure? You bet! Those who aren’t flying over the canopy like Superman are swinging through the jungle like Tarzan.

Take a deep breath

Experts advise that the incredible views are more than enough “to distract you from any worries.” Everyone has butterflies as they climb up the platform at first. “Take a deep breath. In a split second, your initial fear is gone.


As you zip over the jungle, desert, roaring mountain gorge or other spectacular scenery with the wind in your face and your heart in your throat, “you may realize how high up you are but remember you are secure.” Once the panic subsides, you may have the “I never want this to end” feeling.

Here in the USA, a swing over Arizona might involve an “EcoTour” or “moonlight zipline experience.” The EcoTour “will give each person the opportunity to zip across and learn about the Sonoran Desert flora and fauna while pushing the limits of their comfort zones.” They offer “5 ziplines ranging in length from 400-1,500 feet.” The longest one is strung with double lines so a friend can fly along as your wingman.

The proprietors point out that due to the extreme nature of the sport, only those in good physical condition weighing between 50 and 250 lbs. can be zipped. Currently, the General Ticket Price is just under $94, while “Youth up to 15/Seniors 65+/Military Price just under $83.” Reservations are definitely required.

The moonlight version offers the opportunity to “zipline beneath the light of the moon and stars!” They pass out headlamps and glowsticks so you can “zip on all 5 of our lines (including the 1,500 ft. zipline) and experience the Sonoran Desert at night.


No matter where you go, it’s best to wear Active-outdoor clothing. Long shorts, capris or pants are recommended for harness comfort. Closed-toe shoes are a must.

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Written by Mark Megahan

Mark Megahan is a resident of Morristown, Arizona and aficionado of the finer things in life.

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