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Spanish-Greek Goddess Taking Over Social Media

Photo via Athena Pariss Instagram Screenshot

I have no idea what this chick’s real name is, but I doubt any of you even care.

Anyway, her handle on social media is Athena Pariss, and she is about as hot as it gets.

She is a little bit off her rocker, but some of her videos are funny as hell, while the others are just plain hot.

A 10

I don’t give out a 10 rating very often, but Athena got it the moment I saw her in a cowboy hat and boots…

I don’t care what this chick is wearing, she just crushes it…

Now, while she does have some pretty hot videos on her social media accounts…

Most of the videos are of her in a bikini or some other skimpy outfit, dancing for about 30 seconds…

Even though she can be a little goofy or be accused of craving attention, I think her personality is more than she just always wants to be positive and show people to let their guard down and have a good time…

And if you check out her channels, there is a lot more of this…

Athena does have an OnlyFans account as well as a YouTube channel in addition to her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Trust me boys, do yourself a favor and give this one a follow.

All Photos via Athena Pariss Instagram Screenshot.

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Written by J Conway


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