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Britney Spears BARES ALL… WHOA!

Britney Spears Cover
Photo via Britney Spears Instagram Screenshot

Britney Spears, once upon a time pop icon, has been posting some rather interesting pictures on her social media accounts as of late.

Spears, now 40, was recently married, but that has not stopped her from expressing herself and showing off her body.

While she has raised some eyebrows before, her full nudes on Instagram just about blew up the internet this week.


Spears has been getting a little adventurous as of late.

It started out innocent enough…

That led to some covered-up shots on the beach…

In that video, she also did a topless shot, but she had her boobs buried in the water so you could not see them.

Then came the shots that blew up on social media.

Spears posted both of these on her account this past week.

A top shot…

And the bottom…

She is clearly still in great shape and ready to hit the road again.

She has done several videos warming up her pipes, suggesting the time has come for her to “share” her voice again.

Based on her posts, something tells me there will be a lot of happy middle-aged fathers more than happy to take their kids to see Britney whenever she decides to tour again.

All photos via Britney Spears Instagram Screenshot.

Source: Page Six

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Written by Jerry McConway

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