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Christina Aguilera Poses Topless for Birthday Photoshoot

Legendary singer Christina Aguilera isn’t holding anything back as she poses topless for her 41st birthday photoshoot for Instagram.¬†Judging by the comments, the star’s Instagram followers were in awe.

“So so so freaking gorgeous,” one person wrote.

“My childhood crush!! Killing it girl!! If you ever become single lol I’ll be waiting,” another commented.

“Happy birthday Christina! You are one of a kind!” said another.

Christina Aguilera Poses Topless for Birthday Photoshoot

Celebrating your birthday in your birthday suit is kind of fitting, isn’t it?

Wearing oversized black sunglasses and black leather opera gloves that went up above her elbows, Christina captioned her post “XTINA XLI,” combining her self-styled nickname with the Roman numerals for her age.

Christina Aguilera Poses Topless for Birthday Photoshoot

Aguilera used her bleach blonde hair to barely cover her chest as she posed for the camera, reminiscent of the photo on the cover of her “Stripped” album from 2002.

Here is that throwback photo, for those of you that don’t remember:

Often referred to as the “Voice of a Generation”, Aguilera is credited as one of the artists responsible for reviving teen pop in the late 1990s. Her unmistakable voice combined with her stage presence has made her an icon for women since the day she became a star.

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