Stunning Croatian Singer Has Great ‘Lungs’

All Photos via Lille Instagram Screenshots

Lidija Bačić, more commonly known as Lille, is a Croation pop singer and actress.

She is probably also about as popular today as Farrah Fawcett was when we were growing up.

Give me about two minutes and you will quickly become a fan of Croatian pop.

Great Pipes

I have to give one of my buddies credit for this one…

There I was, tapping away on my computer, when this showed up in my messages…

That, of course, led to me going down the rabbit hole…

It was not long before I found that that Lille is kind of a big thing back in Croatia…

She has a handful of albums out…

She even hit number two on the Croatian charges with “Vino Rumeno” in 2018…

She also has one movie and three TV credits to her resume

You can thank me later for this one, boys.

But I will know if you are a reader when I am traveling through the airport and I hear someone singing Croatian songs under their breath!

All Photos via Lille Instagram Screenshots

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Written by Jerry McConway

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