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Jewels Wants You to Work Out with Her…Care to Join In?

All photos via Jewels Instagram screenshot.

Jewels here is a big-time fitness instructor and model.

You can even schedule a one-on-one workout with her if you like.

And I literally mean workout; no hanky panky here, boys.

That Top Half

The first time I saw her pictures, I thought maybe she was one of those chicks that go to the gym just to take snapshots of herself…

She is really busting out of that top…

I would imagine that if she sits on the front like that, there are quite a few boating accidents in the area…

She does not look too bad in that workout outfit…

The cowboy hat shot… if they have one, I find it!

A little side boob never hurt anyone…

You can check her out on Instagram, including her links for personal training.

All photos via Jewels Instagram screenshot.

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Written by J Conway

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