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Megan Fox Barely-there Dress…

Megan Fox
All photos via Megan Fox Instagram screenshots.

Is there anyone in Hollywood on the female side of the aisle that gets guys worked up like Megan Fox?

She is the polar opposite of Scarlett Johannson, looking to show off her body at every available opportunity.

She was a bad girl before, but she really went off the rails after hooking up with Machine Gun Kelly.


It is no surprise that Fox got her start working as a model, winning multiple awards for her work…

Then came 2007, when she co-starred in “Transformers” and every man alive fell in love with her…

She has had numerous roles after that, but it is safe to say that she never quite hit the level of stardom everyone thought after “Transformers.”

Megan loves her comic books, which would explain why she was so excited about landing a role in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Fox married Brian Austin Green in 2010, but the couple broke up, and she eventually wound up in the arms of Machine Gun Kelly, but now those two are on the outs as well…

Something tells me whether those two mend their fences or not, she will be just fine…

That is one smoking hot chick, even if she is completely messed up in the head.

All photos via Megan Fox Instagram screenshots.

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Written by J Conway

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