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Nikki Lucia Went Full Topless on Her Harley

All Photos via Nikki Lucia Instagram Screenshot

I love these Army vets!

There is nothing like a badass chick with a gun, on a bike, and some ink in all the right places.

Nikki Lucia fits that bill.

Hot Ass Veteran

Let me say this, the glasses play…

But, seriously, there is just something about a chick on a motorcycle that does it for me…

She can also switch gears and go all studious on us…

I am sure she does some filtering in her pic, but this pool shot looks pretty much untouched and she still looks amazing…

But let’s get one more in the library…

And just one more on the bike…

And now I am going to leave you guys with my favorite shot on the page…

God Bless Our Veterans!

I will salute her any day of the week!

All Photos via Nikki Lucia Instagram Screenshot

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