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WOW: That’s a Well-rounded PEACH!

All photos viapeachjewelsfit Instagram Screenshot

Jewels is no joke.

This girl can pump iron with the best of them and still stop traffic on a dime when she slaps a dress on at night.

No OnlyFans, no private website… just an All-American girl that looks slammin’!

Nice Peach

This chick obviously spends serious time in the gym…

But she also appears to like her junk food, just warming our hearts with those orders of French fries…

She is a magnet for other hotties, though, featuring all kinds of hot friends on her page…

Now, imagine taking a boat ride with her sitting up front soaking up some rays…

And of course, you know I have to have the obligatory cowgirl picture…

Or two…

Uhm, I think something is coming undone there…

Another girl we hate to see leave, but we love to watch her walk away…

All photos viapeachjewelsfit Instagram Screenshot

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Written by J Conway

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