Russian ‘Warrior’ Drops Some Bikini Pics

All Photos via KrohaAttack Instagram Screenshot

I really don’t have a lot of information on this one, guys.

I found her on Instagram, but that is about all I can tell you.

After doing some searches, everything I found was in Russian, so we are just going to have to let her pictures do the talking.

With Gun or Without

I know we like our chicks with guns, but she does all right once she sheds the gear…

The only thing in English on her profile was “movie character….”

But I could not really find anything other than a few videos of people shooting guns…

Plus, I figured you guys really would not give a shit anyway as long as we have some bikini and underwear shots…

So we have them both!

Just a reminder… if you mess with her, she can kill you…

All Photos via KrohaAttack Instagram Screenshot

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Written by Jerry McConway

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