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12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Cowgirls sure know how to have fun, and they definitely look sexy doing it. Whether they’re riding a horse or just hanging out around the farm, these gorgeous country babes make you want to ditch the city/suburbs, buy a pair of cowboy boots and a few acres in the middle of nowhere, and try out the country life.

To the city slickers and suburban folks, cowgirls are definitely not a common sight. Obviously, you see the occasional person wearing cowboy boots, but they’re probably just a fan of Yellowstone, they’re not actually living the cowboy lifestyle.

Searching through Instagram, there are a few cowgirls on there that actually try to live that life. They own big diesel trucks, have horses and other animals, own real cowgirl attire, and they know their way around a firearm. As an added bonus, they are also drop-dead gorgeous, and know how to take a damn good photo.

Here are 12 of the best pictures of these amazing women:

Tatted up and curvy Brandi Snyder describes herself on Twitter as a “Bougie Country Girl Boss Babe.”

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Before she began modeling on a consistent basis, Brandi took a lot of pictures with her horses:

Sophie Swaney is a gorgeous country babe who boasts a degree in gunsmithing, according to her Twitter bio. She loves hanging out with her horses, fishing, and hunting.

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Stella, a.k.a. BikiniHuntress on Instagram, loves sharing sexy snaps with her 150k followers. She also shares videos of herself dancing, and pictures of her trips to the shooting range, and her hunting trips.

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Dakota Waters, the epitome of an All-American cowgirl, loves showing off her flawless booty in a nice pair of leather chaps.

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Or hanging out with her horses.

One of her fans’ favorite pictures came from a nude photoshoot. Unfortunately, Dakota chose to draw a bikini onto the photo before posting it to her Instagram, but it’s still a gorgeous snap.

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

Holly Stocks, cowgirl and co-owner of Western sunglasses company American Bonfire Co., loves sharing pics in bikinis and her favorite western wear, from cowboy hats and boots to jean jackets and daisy dukes.

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

12 Times Cowgirls Made it Sexier

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