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A Wild, Compelling Idea Without a Direct Practical Test


A wild, but extremely compelling theory has arisen that is gaining scientific credence, but unfortunately lacks any possibility at this time of a “direct, practical, test”. The latest theoretical models have demonstrated that it isn’t merely likely that we exist not merely in a universe but as part of a vast and infinite multiverse, but that it is in fact inevitable that we do because math cannot allow otherwise.

The Inevitable Multiverse – Yes It’s Wild

Ethan Siegel of BigThink, breaks this down in dizzyingly minute detail, addressing why a simplistic, single universe variation of the ‘big bang‘ theory of the birth of the cosmos is insufficient without a period of cosmic inflation preceding it, as we’ve seen in other recent studies the consensus is growing that the ‘big bang’ was NOT the true beginning of the universe, but merely its latest iteration. But a fascinating side-effect of the cosmic inflation theory bears out that multiverses occurring isn’t only possible, but is required by what we understand of quantum mechanics.

Siegel wrote in part,

“Put simply, if each hot Big Bang occurs in a “bubble” Universe, then the bubbles simply don’t collide. What we wind up with is a larger and larger number of disconnected bubbles as time goes on, all separated by an eternally inflating space.

That’s what the multiverse is, and why scientists accept its existence as the default position. We have overwhelming evidence for the hot Big Bang, and also that the Big Bang began with a set of conditions that don’t come with a de facto explanation. If we add in an explanation for it — cosmic inflation — then that inflating spacetime that set up and gave rise to the Big Bang makes its own set of novel predictions. Many of those predictions are borne out by observation, but other predictions also arise as consequences of inflation.

One of them is the existence of a myriad of Universes, of disconnected regions each with their own hot Big Bang, that comprise what we know as a multiverse when you take them all together. This doesn’t mean that different Universes have different rules or laws or fundamental constants, or that all the possible quantum outcomes you can imagine occur in some other pocket of the multiverse. It doesn’t even mean that the multiverse is real, as this is a prediction we cannot verify, validate, or falsify. But if the theory of inflation is a good one, and the data says it is, a multiverse is all but inevitable.”

The implications of this are as wild as the imagination can bear, and with the concept of the multiverse becoming more mainstream, once relegated to SciFi like Star Trek’s ‘Mirror Universe’ or the nineties TV show ‘Sliders’…

…but now popularised through Marvel and DC Comics as well as the Marvel cinematic universe, this is an advanced cosmological concept that more and more people are becoming at least somewhat ready to ponder the possibilities.

What do you think?

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