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Babe Brittany Marie Displays Her Buns…

Instagram model Brittany Marie loves to show off her assets…and the one we want to celebrate are her fabulous buns. At times, even her friends join in the fun for a smoking hot post.

In her bio Marie notes her most famous work as a “?Harley Davidson Model?” and “? Bikini Model ?,” which we have no doubt helped to amass her 36,500 following online.

The tatted model also has more exclusive content to offer fans on her OnlyFans account.

Marie even celebrated the recent Fourth of July in her best…a red, white, and blue bikini, offering fans a stunning backshot.

And here she can be seen getting tattoo work on her upper thigh…even showing off a bit of cheek.

Although our all-time favorite post is this ‘peachy’ picture she took with three of her friends…talk about a great angle.

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