Who Knew Kate Moss Had Such a Hot Sister!

All photos via Lottie Moss Instagram screenshot.

In the Moss family, it was always Kate that got all the attention.

That is starting to change.

Lottie Moss is now on the circuit and she is turning heads.

The Other Sister

Lottie Moss is the half-sister of Kate Moss on her father’s side.

She was discovered, believe it or not, in wedding photos from Kate Moss’ wedding.

She signed with Storm Management in 2014.

Her first big shoot was with Teen Vogue, then she started replicating her sister’s career by doing Calvin Klein commercials.

After landing a Vogue cover in 2016, things must have turned south for her because now she is doing OnlyFans.

She has defended this decision saying that she is trying to get out from under her sister’s shadow and develop her own content.

Based on the pictures I have seen, I would definitely say she is about as far away from Kate Moss’ shadow as one could be.

All photos via Lottie Moss Instagram screenshot.

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Written by J Conway

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