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Dannie Riel’s Photoshoot Has Us SPEECHLESS

Instagram icon Dannie Riel has her 1.1 million follower fanbase completely speechless after her latest photoshoot where she shows off what she wears in the bathtub…or lack there of.

The model is popular across multiple social media sites, including Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and OnlyFans. However, Riel also has a youtube channel where she posts frequent vlogs about herself and her various activities, like shopping hauls, food, vacations, behind the scenes on photoshoots, not to mention ‘a day in the life’ videos.

In her most recent post, she captions, “I mean…. What do YOU wear in the bathtub ?.” Riel can be seen wearing a black silk lingerie set, full length gloves, and black pantyhose, attempting to cover up her breasts with just her hands.

In another picture she gives us a gorgeous backshot pose, looking down away from the camera. Of course, fans went wild liking the post and leaving comments after their jaws dropped.

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