Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off In the Tinniest Yellow Bikini

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All Photos via Elizabeth Hurley Instagram Screenshots.

It is not often you will be seeing us post bikini pics of a 57-year-old woman that will have your tongue hanging out, but that is exactly what is happening today.

Elizabeth Hurley (yes, she really is 57), has been blowing up social media as of late.

She is just as hot today as when she landed her first modeling gig at 29.

Bikini Time

Relatively speaking, Hurley got a late start in the business.

While her first significant acting role was in 1992, she did not break into modeling until she was 29 years old with Estee Lauder.

She also got a lot of attention as eye candy on Hugh Grant’s arm during the “Four Weddings and Funeral” premiere, but I think people are paying more attention to her yellow bikini pictures today…

Keep in mind, this is a 57-year-old woman putting 20-year-old women to shame in these photos…

Hurley’s first credit was in 1987 but as noted above, her first real break did not come until 1992 when she played Sabrina Ritchie in “Passenger 57.”

Between that movie and her little black dress while on Grant’s arm, her career absolutely blew up.

Around the same time, her marriage to Grant started to fizzle, ending in divorce in 2000.

I bet he now wishes that never happened…

At the same time her acting career was taking off, she started to get more attention in the modeling world.

At 29, she became an Estee Lauder spokesperson, even starting her own beachwear line, hence all the bikini shots…

And, sometimes, shots without anything at all…

Her work slowed down a bit after 2000, but she has managed to stay busy, posting a total of 47 credits on her acting resume, with three new projects about to be released.

Her social media is still very busy, boasting a following of more than two million people, and you can see why…

Keep the bikini shots coming, Elizabeth, because you are still rocking a bikini body that puts women half your age to shame!

All Photos via Elizabeth Hurley Instagram Screenshots.

Sources: Hollywood Life & IMDb

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