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Model ‘Men are Scared to Date Me’… Can You SEE Why

Model ‘Men are scared to date me’... Can You SEE Why

This Playboy model says that men are afraid to date her. Looking at her pictures, it’s easy to see why.

One might think that a model would have so many suitors that she’d be fending off guys 24/7, but Elizabeth Marie Chevalier claims that it is nearly impossible to find a man.

Model ‘Men are scared to date me’... Can You SEE Why

The 27 year old Playboy playmate is attributing her lack of a love life to men being intimidated by her attractiveness.

“Dating is hard – guys are scared because I’m so beautiful,” Chevalier told Jam Press, claiming that she deters men “because I’m tall – I’m 5-foot-10 – and I’m beautiful and I have a very intense personality.”

Model ‘Men are scared to date me’... Can You SEE Why

Chevalier, who has appeared in both Maxim and Playboy, says that her predicament is very unfortunate because she is “actually very sweet and loving, so if they took the time to get to know me they would realize that.”

“I’ve been on dates where guys just can’t speak to me,” the bombshell said. “The men that do chat me up are usually too cocky and self-obsessed; they clearly go for every pretty girl in the room.”

Chevalier regularly posts jaw-dropping bikini snaps for her 2.9 million Instagram followers. She says that she would “100% date a fan,” but noted that every guy she’s met through Instagram has treated her “like a commodity.”

Model ‘Men are scared to date me’... Can You SEE Why

As for her ideal guy, the Playboy model says that she prefers a “strong but silent” man who’s tall, dark, and handsome, with green eyes.

Chevalier also noted that she finds assertiveness attractive, saying: “He [a prospective date] would just have to come up and say ‘Hello, beautiful — can I ask you on a date?’”

“I like a guy who is very forward and knows what he wants,” she added.

Apparently, men aren’t the only ones judging her by her appearance. Chevalier is also claiming that “jealous” women often assume that she will “steal their boyfriends” because of how she looks.

“I remember once being at a Halloween party and I was wearing a costume and I put my headdress down on a chair,” the flummoxed figure-flaunter recalled. “This guy came over and told me he had been sitting there and his girlfriend saw him speaking to me and completely freaked out.

“She started screaming in my face and I’m not a confrontational person at all, so I just ended up leaving,” Chevalier added.

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