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Hot Momma Blows Sh*t Up [VIDEO]


If there is one thing I love, it’s firearms.  But a close second is fine women and things that go BOOM! And this video offers all of that.  In it, we see a 50 year old momma who is MILF status for sure.  Today she will don a pink stringed camouflage bikini, while detonating Tannerite with a BushMaster AR15.  

Farm Girl

Going by the name, “Farm Girl,” this well-aged women starts off with a 2 pound Tannerite target at approximately 50 yards or so.  The first weapon we see her with is a Winchester 30-30 lever action rifle mounted with a magnified optic of some type that is not listed.  She takes a couple of shots at the target down range from behind the truck.  2 misses.  She doesn’t like it.

QRC™ Pro
Bush Master AR15 Model QRC-PRO,

Then she requests the BushMaster AR-15.  A fine weapon for a fine woman.  She moves to the side of the truck and takes a second to line up the Magpul polymer flip sights.  Then with the first shot, boom goes the Tannerite.  So this particular lady is a mean shot with some good ole irons on an AR rifle.  And this momma can do it in practically nothing.  

Next up is another 2 pound target full to the brim. She quickly dispatches this one at the same distance.  The satisfying boom being the finishing touch of that second AR shot.  And now it’s time to “blow something big up,” as Farm Girl says.  “I’ll guess it’ll blow up the log, and that timer thing,” she adds before they start mixing a very large amount of the “Big Go Boom” brand of Tannerite they where using.  I estimate about 8-10 pounds of ballistic explosive was being used in the large container she had.   

Big Go Boom

As she is walking down range with the explosives in hand, she playfully looks back to the camera and says, “Big Go Boom.”  Nice touch hot momma.  She Bends over at a distance to place the target on what remains of the log after 2 consecutive 2 pound detonations.  The slow ass camera man is not appreciated here as he should have had a closer shot of Farm Girl, me thinks.  

The slow camera man places the “timer thingy,” on the 9-ish pounds of Big Go Boom brand Tannerite Ballistic explosives and they make their way back up range.  Farm girl exclaims, “that’s a biggin’, that’ll be easy to hit.”  She takes a few steps and then realizes, “uh oh I shouldn’t have said that,” thinking she jinxed herself.

But this momma’s shot with an AR with irons is as true as before.  She grabs the pre-loaded magazine and asks, “you guys ready for Big Go Boom?”  Yes ma’am.  Yes.  Ma’am.  But the suspense builds as she has a malfunction after loading the mag, racking a round, and flipping the safety off.  She checks the weapon, slaps the mag to reseat it, tries again, click.  This time she pulls the bottle carrier to reload a fresh round.  I believe the mag was improperly seated and the first attempt to load, did not load.  After the mag reseating slap and the re-load, she actually had a round in chamber now.

The sweet release of BOOM!

She sets her feet, tightens her legs and ass, and then bang, BOOM!  First shot hit again, and this explosion was extremely loud.  Even with hearing protection she turns over her shoulder to the camera and says “wow, that was quite loud.”  The camera man agrees.  They then go to check out the damager they have caused.  Does the timer gadget they put on it still exist in any form?  How about that log?  

As they get to the destruction, it is clear to see that only half of the log still exists compared to before the Big Go Boom went boom.  The timer is gone.  Not even a screw exists, blown to smithereens.  Farm Girl then says, “if we ever need to demolish anything, that is what we’ll do.”  Then puts her hand on her hip in a Vanna White-esque pose as she stands next to half a blown apart log and scattered debris.  

She has the idea of “getting a hundred pounds of the stuff” to detonate an old barn, if it needed demolishing.  Definitely some redneck dynamite for sure y’all.  I got a feeling this isn’t the last time we’ll see the 50 year hot MILF Farm Girl.  Until next time momma.   

What do you think?

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