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Pinup Plus Vintage Cars…Perfection

We’ve already discussed why we love pinups so much here at Whiskey & Babes, right?

I’d say it’s pretty self-explanatory to begin with…but when you take a look at a pinup model like Miss Wildcat Ink, then it only makes things that much clearer.

But pair this gorgeous model with something like a vintage car and you have absolute perfection.

We’ve featured the lovely Miss Wildcat Ink on our site before due to her eye-catching pinup photoshoots and her unique sense of style as well as tattoos.

And while all of her work is beautiful, I’d have to say our favorites are those of her in some sexy lingerie posted up next to some classic cars.

Even her poses mimic that of pinup girls from the 1950s, really bringing us back in time.

All I can say is that myself and Miss Wildcat’s 107,000 followers can’t wait to see her next pinup inspired post on her Instagram page.

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