You Would Not Mind Being ARRESTED by THIS Texas Sheriff Babe

Photo via Instagram Screenshot

You know we try to do our part to support law enforcement around here.

Someone like Haley here makes that a lot easier with her being so easy on the eyes.

If I ever get locked up in Texas, I sure hope she is the one slapping on the cuffs.

The Good Cop

I have to admit, a woman in a cop’s uniform, with a gun strapped on her hip, and helping out animals is pretty sexy…

But once she takes off that vest, we really start to see what Sheriff Haley’s real assets are…

This is a chick that cleans up real well, as you can see here…

I love that she is a true Texas girl, not afraid to get her hands dirty with some farm chores…

Oh, and she also happens to have some pretty hot friends…

This, for me, is the best shot on her wall, as she pulls off this black and white over-the-shoulder photo like nobody’s business…

If you want to see more of Haley, check out her Instagram page.

All photos via Haley’s Instagram account screenshots.

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Written by J Conway


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