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24-Foot Camper Trailer Is a Luxury Guest House on Wheels


The Land Ark Quatro camper has been described as a luxury guest house which just happens to be on wheels. This 24-Foot trailer is engineered for efficiency to maximize the use of every square inch. The Colorado-based company embraces the “less is more” philosophy to focus on bare essentials of what a person or two really need from indoor space, while they have the entire planet outdoors at their disposal.

Luxury camper scaled down style

Land Ark broke ground in the glamping market a while back with two massive wedge-shaped camper models “more like homes than anything else you’ve seen while camping.” The couples designed Draper “isn’t much smaller than a Manhattan one-bedroom.

Meanwhile, a family version called the Drake, “has two levels and more than enough room for a family of six to spend a weekend or longer together getting on each other’s nerves.” This mini-model is a scaled down version suitable as a “guest house” complimenting the bigger models.

Even stand alone, the Quatro packs enough punch for a single or intimate couple to have all the camper comforts of luxury when they need them, as they explore the surrounding great outdoors.

While the “brand’s smallest offering yet,” they promise “more than enough room for anyone looking to camp in style and comfort.”


The Quatro version camper gets its name from four-degree angles which are designed into its expansive 8-foot wide windows.

That makes the unit feel “anything but cramped,” even though the stylish black steel frame is only 24 feet long by 8 feet wide. That minimal size could come in real handy on narrow mountain roads.

Everything you need

Thanks to careful attention to design details, this camper “comes with everything you need on your travels.” Not only that, it’s all at your fingertips. The stylish Arcadia style sliding-glass door “opens up to a combined living and kitchen area.

Any gourmet chef would feel right at home with the “two-burner electric stove, dishwasher and refrigerator.” There’s even “a banquette that can be used for entertaining.


To conserve spatial resources, that dining table quickly converts into a twin bed if you have a guest in your camper. A hallway connects the area with a bedroom. As if by magic, designers managed to squeeze in “a private bathroom with a toilet full-size shower, a vanity and a wardrobe.”

For sleeping quarters, there’s a “fold-down, queen-sized Murphy bed with a gel memory foam mattress, two closets and a barn door for privacy.

Because of the slant to the roof line, the camper can provide a 9-foot ceiling in the bedroom. There’s also a state of the art “roof-mounted A/C unit and heating system.” The entire concept makes a whole lot of sense. When you go out to travel in the great outdoors you have as much elbow room as you need.

It’s only when the the weather prevents outdoor activity, or you need to eat, rest and recharge, that indoor spaces need to be used. All you really need are the security of sound construction combined with the efficiency of modern space-saving design to meet very specific needs. Since that’s the case, why not go with the best of everything and do it in style and comfort?

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