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Earthen Home is the Ultimate R&R Retreat

Rental Cost

Average of $115 per night and located close to the Blanco River State Park in Texas.

Tiny Home Features

  • 1 room studio style Earthen home sleeps 2 guests and has 1 queen-sized bed.
  • Large bathroom with unique stone soaking tub.
  • Beautiful dome design with curved kitchen counter and custom cabinets covered with burnt wood doors. Includes basic cookware, dinnerware, and coffee maker.
  • Shared firepit with other Earthen home rentals as well as a gas grill and picnic table for outdoor picnics.
  • Nearby local parks and wineries.


Inside this studio style home you have a bed against one side, kitchen curved around the back side, a large bathroom, and a small seating area and island with stools.

This tiny home may not have all of the traditional full-sized appliances of a home, it does have a mini-refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, and a 2-burner hot plate.


These cabinets are absolutely gorgeous and have the perfect style to match the shape of the home. It feels so welcoming.

The woodwork on these cabinet doors is wonderful. It truly fits the rustic new age ambiance of the retreat.

Listed below, on the far right, you can see simply a bit of the window seat with a cushion. There is a 2nd chair right beside that for seating.

While it actually is only good for 2-people to remain, you have choices for taking a seat, relaxing, or curling up with a great book

The captain’s bed up against the wall, just under the window and has storage beneath if you prepare an extended stay.

It’s comfortable with it being a queen-sized bed, however there are 6 other choices on this property to rent and take pleasure in that may have various bedding alternatives to match your needs.
The bathroom is the star of this home. It’s a corner bathroom with beautiful stone work and cutouts as windows.

The stone-covered soaking tub has a showerhead if you choose the shower, but it’s actually ideal for a hot bubble bath.

If you need real rest and relaxation, then this is the perfect location. It has actually everything to make you comfy and to shut out the world exterior.
The front door on these domes is one of my favorite parts of the retreat. The arch style with a stained glass window is really lovely and shows great craftsmanship.

While an Earthen house might not be what you think of immediately when it comes to a vacation, this one is going to shock you.

It is setup with all of the conveniences attended to and is just waiting for you to schedule a stay.

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