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Farm Girl and Her .50 Caliber S&W 500 Magnum

There’s nothing like a handgun chambered in .50 caliber, but what about 500 magnum?  Especially if it’s a 10.5 inch barreled Smith and Wesson 500 revolver, the most powerful revolver on the market.  But to make this one even better, the hot to trot momma, Farm Girl, is going to fire this beast one handed.  That’s right.  The most insanely powerful revolver you can get, one handed, like a boss.  But that is what Farm Girl does, and scantily clad to boot!  

Farm Girl and her big tool


The Set Up

Her first attempt is to hit a cinder block at about 25-30 feet.  Understand this weapon has been known to break a grown man’s nose when firing.  This is from the recoil sending the gun smashing into the shooters face when a massive bullet is flying out of that weapon at over 2000 feet per second.  2700 foot pounds of muzzle energy too, that’s over a ton of power at the barrel.  And Farm Girl is gonna one hand this demon of a weapon.  Good idea?  Maybe not for you, but Farm girl is a pro.

325 grain 500 magnum hollow point by Hornady

To start, she loads the 5 massive 325 grain hollow points into the revolver.  The cartridges resemble shotgun shells in diameter and length.  That cinder block doesn’t have a chance.  Next, she cocks the hammer back, extends her right arm, and boom goes the dynamite.  The cinder block explodes out of the back of itself and the wooden box and concrete block both get knocked to the ground.  It was quite a sight to see her fire this weapon.  Check out for yourself.

The Video


First shot, one handed DIRECT HIT!

She fires at several more targets in this video.  Mostly one handed but a couple times you can tell she is getting tired when she uses both hands.  Her accuracy begins to fall off as well.  But we get to see her detonate a cantaloupe, 2 liters of soda, a couple of water jugs, that cinder block, and cut some serious trenches in the ground with her misses.  At the end, she even adorns a shiny string bikini in true Farm Girl fashion.  Showing off her phenomenal body and marksmanship.

Cantaloupe NO MORE!

Now this video is all fun and games sure, but this weapon is serious business.  Being the largest and most powerful handgun you could buy, what would you need this for?  That’s always my first question, what is the weapons purpose.  Every firearm has a function it is best at.  And some weapons are best at multiple tasks, like hunting, self defense, and competition shooting, but not many.  

The 500 Magnum’s Function

For the Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum, it has a dual purpose, wildlife defense and hunting.  You know, to drop large apex predators like Grizzly and Polar bears.  It can also engage the largest of African game from as far as 200 yards effectively.  And a man, doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against over a ton of muzzle energy with a nearly 1 ounce projectile.  It explodes head sized melons with ease, and I’m sure head sized human heads too.  

goodbye gallon jug of water

There are other non production model weapons that are actually a tad bit bigger, like the Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver.  However, the 500 Magnum is just fine for our Farm Girl’s needs.  I’m surprised she fired so many rounds out of that cannon.  And did 3 wardrobe changes too.  

All in all, The Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum is truly a weapon to behold.  It would be nice to have one, but at $1300 starting out, this is not a man toy that is easily affordable.  And the ammo is also at a premium top shelf price.  At about $2.25 – $4.50 per round, a full cylinder could run you damn near $20.  Bigger isn’t always better, but it definitely is more expensive.  

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