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The Wine Flavored Whiskey of Oregon


Breaking from the herd of up-and-coming American Whiskies: Westward Whiskey teamed up with the Dobbes Family Estate winery of Dundee, Oregon, and together they launched a limited-edition single-malt whiskey that has been artfully finished in the aromatic, flavorful seasoned Tequila casks that previously held Dobbes Family Estate’s Untethered Rosé of Pinot Noir Dessert Wine.

“Dobbes Family Estate is a renowned producer whose winemaking ethos is ‘unbound by convention,’ a notion that resonates deeply with the team at Westward, who has proudly reimagined what a Single Malt can be,” said Thomas Mooney, founder and CEO of Westward Whiskey, in a press release. “In our ongoing effort to celebrate the flavors of Oregon while producing world-class results, we naturally turned to our friends at Dobbes, whose fortified wine casks have yielded incredible flavors in our whiskey.”

OregonThe remarkable single-malt is called their “Westward’s American Single Malt x Dobbes Family Estate Pinot Noir Rosé “. This new whiskey is reported to be the Westward Whiskey wine club’s first exclusive national release. Through their direct-to-consumer club model, this special expression can be purchased and shipped to 30 states in the US as well as their native Oregon.

Westward Whiskey calls their latest release,

A whiskey ripe for celebration, this special selection pays homage to the collaborative culture of the Northwest, the incredible winemaking talent found nearby in the Willamette Valley, and our ongoing commitment to experimentation.”

The distillery also provided their tasting notes, “Aromas of black cherry, salted plum candy, and strawberry jam. Leading into red currants and vanilla cream. Dark, ripe fruit and soft pepper on the palate with herbaceous grain & caramel. More berry jam and light baking spice that gives a hint of licorice. Finishing with caramelized sugar, cedar, and light salinity. Raspberry and apple tart & slight mint.” The 750ml bottle retalis for $89.95 and is 45% Alcohol by volume or 90 proof

About Westward Whiskey Club Of Oregon

The Westward Whiskey Club presents a fascinating evolution in the industry with what amounts essentially to a subscription driven model, not unlike Cigar clubs or ‘box subscriptions’ such as ‘Bespoke Post‘ or ‘Loot Crate‘.

According to CraftSpiritsMag,

“Members can choose from two different tiers: Expedition Club and Founder’s Club. Expedition Club members will receive one bottle of whiskey in Westward’s four yearly Club releases (approx. $90 quarterly), and Founder’s Club members will enjoy three bottles each quarter (approx. $270 quarterly). Shipping is available to nearly 30 states, reaching more than 70% of the U.S. population, according to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau.”


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