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Curvy Model Hunter McGrady Doesn’t Sit Around


Ultra-curvy swimsuit model Hunter McGrady is doing her best to dispel the myth that “plus-size models sit around all day eating brownies, while other models starve themselves and work out all day.” She knows how to eat healthy, works out appropriately, and is still proud of every curve and crevice on her body.

Hunter McGrady one hot mama

Even Yahoo is happy to see more realistic models on magazine covers and ads these days. “Finally,” they write, “it seems the entertainment and fashion world has warmed up to women with curves.

Yumi Nu rocks the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated. Inside that very same issue, “Hunter McGrady — blonde bombshell and new mama to baby Hudson — also graces its pages with her steely smoldering stare and dangerous curves.


Hunter sat down for an interview with Yahoo to tell them that she thinks “people have this idea that plus-size models sit around all day eating brownies, while other models starve themselves and work out all day. That’s just not the case. I’ve been every size, from a two to a 22, and I was at my unhealthiest when I was a size two.

A walk around any Walmart will prove that plus size women are the norm.

No matter what people think, the truth of the matter is that Hunter McGrady “sticks to an almost-vegan diet, since her husband is vegan.” Her soon to be 1-year-old son, Hudson, “eats the best out of all of us.” No smart remarks out there!

He always has a protein, a starch and a veggie, but it’s been so exciting to watch him taste and learn new foods.” Many of us would like to have some of what he’s having.


Dinner around the table

Hunter never got the hang of cooking but she tosses a mean salad. “We always have dinner together the way my parents and I did. No matter what, we sat around a table together, and I wanted that for my family, too.

America could use more of those nuclear family values. She enjoys hosting dinner parties and exploring the local restaurants around her town of Thousand Oaks, California.

After giving birth in 2021, Hunter had second thoughts about a return to modeling.


Since giving birth to Hudson in June 2021, McGrady’s life — and body — has changed, and she comments on her Instagram feed about the trepidation she felt diving back into the SI Swimsuit issue with her new postpartum body.

She wasn’t sure how she “was going to feel going into this after just having a baby … but then I thought, you know what? Hell yes! For mamas or anyone who feels like they can’t be sexy or that they can’t wear the swimsuit … wear the damn swimsuit.

Women everywhere are empowered by her “outspoken support of women of all sizes.” That landed Hunter a couple more campaigns for female oriented products.

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Written by Mark Megahan

Mark Megahan is a resident of Morristown, Arizona and aficionado of the finer things in life.

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