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Naughty Nightwear – Lingerie Better Than Naked


Most men think that women wear flimsy and expensive lingerie only for sex. While it’s a time tested way to get male attention, most women wear sexy underwear because they like to.

Lingerie for all occasions

See through French negligees are a must for bedroom playtime but most women wear underwear of some sort the majority of the time.

Laying around on the sofa calls for unmatched but well worn and comfortable things without wires. Other occasions call for real lingerie made of silks, satins and lace.

Women often wear nice lingerie because of the feminine feel it provides. The ladies generally relate that “feeling feminine boosts confidence.


In the office alone or when they’re with a partner. Females simply can’t help standing in front of a mirror to admire their figure.

Many women are reported to wear their best lingerie on a daily basis. At work, a club, or just a trip to the supermarket.

Who knows, if Mr. Right bumps into her in the produce aisle, she’s prepared to take home more than a cucumber. Wearing sexy undergarments tends to boost self-esteem. It’s a known way to build self-worth and confidence.

Underwear under there

Fashion experts advise, get the best lingerie you can afford. They say it pays off in the end all the way around. Nothing feels more luxurious than a pair of nylon stockings, or the smooth sensation of silky satin or delicate lace panties.

Men could never imagine in a million years the feeling women get from the feel of certain materials against their body, especially the sensitive parts.

At least some of the appeal to wearing expensive and risqué lingerie in everyday settings comes from knowing that nobody knows what’s under your work clothes.


Underneath that frumpy work skirt could be a pair of crotchless panties and fishnet stockings. Nobody will ever know. Well, maybe some people might know…

One of the great things about wearing sexy lingerie is the chance to show it off. That girl in the next cubicle could be more of an exhibitionist than anyone in the break room would ever suspect.

Casually following her up the stairs after lunch could turn out making your day. Camisoles, pantyhose, suspender belts and snap crotch teddies are all perfect to hide beneath regular clothing.

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Written by Mark Megahan

Mark Megahan is a resident of Morristown, Arizona and aficionado of the finer things in life.

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