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Rob Zombie Teases New Movie


Legendary Rock star and film-maker Rob Zombie is spearheading a remake of the cult-classic “The Munsters” and while most would shudder to think what the master of the blood and gore horror genre would do when presented with such a classic property. Images from the set of 1313 Mockingbird Lane seem to show the incredibly creative director showing an uncharacteristic restraint in his vision of the Munster family. Not quite what one would expect from the man who brought us “House of 1000 Corpses”, “The Devil’s Rejects” and “3 from Hell”, but hey we’ll take it.

SlashFilm reported,

“Skeptics fear no more, as Rob Zombie took to Instagram today to give the first look at Herman, Lily, and Grandpa Munster in front of 1313 Mockingbird Lane … aka, on-set in Hungary. The photo confirms that frequent Zombie collaborators Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck are playing Herman, Lily, and Grandpa, respectively.”

Zombie himself even took to Instagram to introduce “Zoya Krupp the gypsy queen” who joins the cast, with Catherine Schell assuming the role.

The director commented,

“I am thrilled to bring you the first photo from the set of CATHERINE SCHELL as Zoya Krupp. I am sure you all remember Catherine as Maya from Space: 1999 or perhaps from Roy Ward Baker’s Moon Zero Two… or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the Dr. Who episode City of Death or her films with Peter Sellers The Return of the Pink Panther and The Prisoner of Zenda.  Catherine retired from acting in the 90’s , but now she is back and we are so happy to have her join us on THE MUNSTERS!”

A Rob Zombie Love Letter?

All that we’ve seen so far, including all the marketing material being in Black & White would seem to demonstrate a deep respect and love for the material from Zombie, and would seem to suggest that in homage to the original, the remake might be filmed in the same grayscale format. This makes sense, after all, Rob Zombie’s top hit “Drag-U-La” was inspired by the drag racing roadster of the same name driven by Grandpa Munster in “The Munsters: Hot Rod Herman.” The film being shot very appropriately in Hungary is likely the culmination of a life-long love affair with the world of The Munsters.

What do you think?

Written by Matt Holloway

Matt Holloway is a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator and writer covering the Phoenix area market. Matt covers politics, faith, history, and news. A thirty-five-year-old happily married father of four: Matt was raised in New Jersey and moved to Arizona in 06'. Matt has written for TheBlaze, Patriot United News, The GOP Times and GOP Newsfeed in addition to hosting a weekly Talk Radio Show The #HollowNet on the MoJo5.0 Radio Network. When he's not writing, working, or spending time with his family, Matt enjoys PC Gaming, Science Fiction, and YouTube. He loves a good dram of Whiskey (current favorites are Maker's Mark 101 and Tullamore D.E.W. 12 Year Special Reserve) a stout Coffee (American Pride Roasters) and a nice Cigar (

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